Sketch Swap - Draw 1 to get 1

In Sketch Swap, you draw something on the screen, and when you're finished, you hit "Submit drawing"... to receive a random drawing from someone else. Sketch Swap was inspired by Markus Renschler's FileSwap.

We appreciate you sketching sketches! We approve every single sketch submitted before it can be received by others. You can draw anything except: if it's only a writing with no sketch, or writing only your URL, or anything a child wouldn't wanna see, anything completely garbled, just a dot, just a line, just a stick man etc. If you want to write something, you also need to sketch a bit... also, please only write in English so we can understand & approve it.

A button for you:   Sketch Swap

Terms of Service/ privacy: By submitting your sketch, you allow us to republish it or do other things with it.

Some of the over 25,000 approved sketches

What others have said about SketchSwap...

“A fun little online toy”

“This is better than fortune cookies!”

“I am instantly in love with this site! Straight to favorites!”
– Angela H. by email

“[W]eirdly addictive, like a penpal in gradeschool”

“Interesting. Draw a picture, and see someone else's drawing. Love it”

“I can't stop sketching... it's so fun!”
Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy [MP3]

Who we are

Sketch Swap was created by Dominik Schmid and Philipp Lenssen. We appreciate to hear your feedback:

Responsible for this server: Philipp Lenssen, Rudolfstr. 8, 70190 Stuttgart